March Madness!

Posted on Published: 2018-03-27 by Tom Carter

This last weekend I was able to go to another weekend tournament in Calgary to play some Blood Bowl. This event was hosted at the Ogre's Den, which is a new store/gaming club that opened up recently. I was really impressed by the size of the venue! I'm a little jealous that Calgary has such a great gaming space that could be hosting massive events regularly.

This is just a small corner of the venue!

In the last eight months I have attended five Blood Bowl events in Alberta. I am continually surprised by how well run the events are and by how all of the people are so much fun to play against. This weekend was no exception.

Jack from Maelstrom Gaming makes incredible mats and has started making some really cool trophies and swag.

Even though my dice abandoned me, I ended up with a record of 1-2-2 and all but one of my games were very close. I got to throw several Goblins in for touchdowns (my favourite part of Blood Bowl), and after inflicting zero casualties on day one, was able to come back with six on Sunday.

Congrats to my travel partner Barry Gergel for taking first place!

I was honored to get the votes as the best sport again at this event and it continues to make me feel incredibly welcome in a community that I have just recently joined.

I look forward to the next event!